Hidden GSM USB cable GPS Tracker locator for Android


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hidden moniter GPS USB cable locator GSM for Android (not included SIM card ), Android interfacses USB cable. this Secret USB Data Cable GPS System is usefull for location, SOS Alarm, Voice Listning

Method of use :

    1. Boot: open the lid, SIM card will be inserted booth will be automatically switched on.
    2. Monitoring to detect: into SIM card after 10 seconds, when you need to use communication tools make equipment to monitor the SIM card inside.
    3. Tracking: text DW to equipment inside SIM card, query the current location equipment.
    4. Voice control callback: edit text messages sent to 1111 devices in SIM card, open the voice control callback, alarm function.(when the device near more than 45 db sound equipment will automatically dial set number) close the voice control callback, alarm functions, and edit text messages sent to 0000 devices.
    5. Working frequency 850 MHZ, 850 MHZ, 1800 MHZ, 1900 MHZ

Note :

    1. This product should be an external power supply equipment, can use.
    2. This product does not have waterproof function, avoid this product into the water.
    3. When installation, please pay attention to the GSM network signal strength, do not install where there is no signal or signal weak signal, so as not to affect the use effect.
    4. Don’t reply information, please check the SIM card any overdue bills, SIM card message is full, empty after test again.
    5. Please strictly abide by the relevant national laws, this product may not be used for any illegal purpose, the consequences caused by user conceit.
Model No. GMGT-012
Type: USB Charging Cable
Band: 850 MHZ, 850 MHZ, 1800 MHZ, 1900 MHZ
Tracking Sensitivity: Autocall on sound more then 45db
Location Accuracy: 10-20 meters
Battery: N/A


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